Once I was a painter..

Indeed, there was a brief time in 2006 when I decided to become a painter like my father...

4 weeks and 23 paintings later I decided it's not really my thing...

Even though I had previously painted on walls of my dwellings, this was the first (and the last) time I painted on canvas. All these extremely rare and unique masterpieces are all surprisingly still in my possession.. until I'm made an offer I can't refuse by Tate Modern or Guggenheim... 

Posted on April 15, 2014 .

Before I go...

This summer, Evestus will turn a new page. The "No God" era will be finished with a final single and video for the EP and a six track EP "Before I Go" (working title) will mark the shift from the darker period of Evestus on to a more colourful era. A more outgoing era. 

There is a story here.. if you take "No God", and add the upcoming EP after it, it becomes quite clear what has been going on and perhaps even why this change is inevitable.

I did lose my path.. but the further I wondered the more clear it became that I had always been on the right track. I was just distracted and pulled away from it by crap that somehow seemed so relevant and important at the time. There has been a fair amount of self doubt, self pity.. a sense of helplessness.. followed by guilt, overwhelming weakness.. leading to escapism and the edge of giving up. 

But there is nothing for me on the other side. It calls so loud with these huge letters of bright lights spelling "the real life!" - it has the power to make itself look and feel so important and relevant - but when you reach it - there is nothing there. For me, Nothing. At the end of the day it just takes all I have - and if I'm lucky, I get a fucking dollar. I believe I help more people with a shitty demo recording of a half-decent song than that. So fuck it. This is not for me. 'm a fucking artist. As low as that title puts me on a social ladder - fuck them - they can't even define me so where they put me is only relevant to them while I myself am chilling on a whole other dimension altogether.

Yeah, not everyone was meant to fly. But noone should be telling us that we can't give it a try.

So I'm 30 years old - been making music for 12 years and still haven't "made it". So I should give it up? Well, maybe I haven't made it because I've been paying too much attention to people trying to measure my success in fame and fortune!  Being ALIVE is a fucking success for an antisocial, depressed fucking pile of human remain that I am! And it takes a lot of fucking effort to keep that streak going each day! The fact that I've released albums and kept a band together for 7 years is no less than a fucking MIRACLE compared to that - and you dare to tell me that I'm not successful? Having even CONSIDERED putting my music on hold is an insult to every one of my fans. And while I might only have a pocketful of them - each one I can count on and trust with my life while you don't have a single person who'd piss on fire to put you out!

A ghost telling me how to live... like having an earthworm telling me how to fly. 

Seeing that I'm different should NOT give you a message to get involved - it doesn't mean that you should teach me how to be like YOU. It should mean that you DON'T GOT SHIT to teach me because we're completely DIFFERENT SPECIES!  You stick with your shit - I stick with mine. you'll be good - I'll be fine.

All in all, I have enough doubts and insecurities of my own - I really don't need anyone to add to that.


Some of the things I need to get off my chest before I go...

Posted on April 9, 2014 .

Dear internet...

...today was a pretty good day! Had a rehearsal with the band and an emotional breakdown..."

You know - there was a time people wrote their thoughts into their diaries. And they were honest. And they we're a little bit ashamed.. but honest. At least to themselves. And they could wear a mask for others, but they had a moment in their day when they could take it off and take a look at themselves and their lives.. and the world around them..


Not anymore. Now they talk to the internet. 

Everyone knows. Noone cares.

That's what happens when the supply exceeds the demand. 

And people are fucked. People are becoming seriously disturbed. Because their deepest, darkest, most personal hopes, dreams and fears get a lonely "like" from someone who just happens to be on their daily attention hunt, liking every post on their feed in faith of "give and thou shall receive"..

When you wrote into your diary.. you KNEW that noone would see it. Except for a very few, very carefully selected persons... ironically enough, usually the only ones who weren't really surprised by anything you'd written there.. But that's because they really understood. And they really cared.

And even if you never showed any of it to ANYONE... you still felt.. you felt like it's yours. If it's the only goddamn thing in this world - this is it! And it was. And it had a meaning.


Now - you post your shit online - everyone sees it, so it's not yours anymore. And noone cares, so you've just given it away for nothing. The only thing you possess. Your thoughts. Your fucking soul. Congratulations.


And you know what? I'm just going to leave you with that. Make of it whatever you will. Just.. I don't know... think about it.

Whatever you show this world.. whatever you want from it.. who you are.. don't give it all away. Leave just a little bit of yourself.. to yourself.

Even if you're in it for the attention - people are far more interested in what they don't know about you.

Posted on February 9, 2014 .

A new beginning..


A new year, a new page, a new beginning. 

If you are new to Evestus, then I must confess, not everything about Evestus can be found on this page. As a first hint for treasure hunters, there is a whole album released by "Evestus" that is not listed here. It's easy to find online though. And it's not at all what you might expect of it. I have come a long way from where I started and I'm not about to start camping yet either. Although I have been tired... but I've had my rest as well.

And it's time to move on.

I've finally managed to assemble a strong live band that I can trust and count on. The result of four years of trial and error. So, this time I start the new year with a new band. A band that works. Our live set-up is solid as fuck, we have a manager booking us gigs and a producer I'm working with on live backtracks and something else...

It is a new beginning. I want to start fresh - shake down a lot of dirt that I've picked up during the last few years. That's why this page is so sleek and clean. I need room - space. A clean lot to start building my base from scratch. Now that I have all the tools at my disposal.

There is just this one little thing I have yet to get off my chest.


Can't throw everything to trash now can I.


But after that..


it's on.

Posted on January 21, 2014 .

"Voices" video lands at #4 on Estonian Top 50 M/V-s of 2013

Our music video "Voices" Lands at #4 on this years Top 50 music videos!
(you can see the 2013 Top 50 line-up right here)

Directed by Grete "Stitch" Laus and featuring members of the band as well as a few guest appearances by The New Scum and an honorary feature by Anders aka DJ 4Got10 of Forgotten Sunrise (reading an illustrated bible on the video thumb right here!)

Last year "Sleep Forever" took #10 at the Top 50 so we're slowly but steadily on our way to the top! :)
We want to thank all our supporters for making this happen! It's perhaps a small victory on the grand scale of things, but it's OUR victory! All of ours! Music business today is a constant fight for attention and exposure and every little bit ensures our ability to keep on making great music and presents new opportunities to play to you guys wherever you are!

(PS. On the video thumbnail, as featuring in the video itself, is Anders Melts aka Kuratino aka DJ 4Got10 aka the man behind and in front of legendary Estonian industrial/deathbeat project "Forgotten Sunrise"... reading "the Illustrated Bible"...)

Posted on January 5, 2014 .

The "Tanya's Lips" sticks!

Here's one for the collectors!

Tanya and Evestus have made a deal with CsibiSticks that results in personalized "Tanya's Lips" sticks that should make all you stick collectors drool!

Only one pair will be shared after each Evestus gig and if they run out, a new series with a new design will be printed in limited quantity!

The first series has a Csibisticks logo, Evestus logo (with "2013" underneath), Tanya's Lips, "TANYA" and an opaque TNS kitty with a tiny "v 1.0" print underneath.

We will create a special "collectibles" corner on our homepage in the near future, where we try to put up all info ("pcs made" etc.) on all Evestus collectables, such as merch, physical albums etc. so you can all keep track on what you have and what the rarity level of your items actually is!


Posted on December 27, 2013 .

New Music Video out now!

Indeed! We are proud to present our most elaborate music video YET! It took us five months to put this baby together and we couldn't have done it without the help from The New Scum!
Without further ado, here is the THIRD music video from the 2012 "No God" EP , "The Fall".

Produced, directed, shot, edited : Evestus and Grete "Stitch" Laus
Styling and costume design : Grete "Stitch" Laus
Styling assistant: Kati Laus

Make-up and specialist effects : Anita Porila
All music instruments and props : Anita Porila and Andres Maask
Pyro and hellfire : Martin Laus and Margo Kärsna

"Making-of" Photography : Grete "Stitch" Laus, Mari "Madu" Peterson, Kauri "Cauca" Õispuu, Vilmar "Wõza" Valdmann.

Evestus as Himself and the Pope
Erki Evestus as the Devil
Nicholas Külaots as the Altarboy
Katarina Kotselainen as the Lamb of God
Reimo Reitsnik as the Big Fish

Sven "Skiso" Lillemets,
Paul Villemi,
Vilmar "Wõza" Valdmann,
Jaan Õun,
Rainer Kaasik-Aaslav,
Martin "Mixu" Briedis,
Andris Jasjukevits,
Georg "DzDz" Gurjev,

Archdemon band:
Anton Klaussen,
Jaan "John" Punder,
Andres Maask,
Sixten Kliimask,
Kauri "Cauca" Õispuu,
Tomoka Tamaguchi

Posted on December 19, 2013 .

Paiste endorsement

Congrats to us and Especially to Tanya for becoming a Paiste endorsed drummer!


I myself was drooling over Paiste "Rude" series back in the day - when David Silveria from Korn was my favorite drummer of all time (before I heard Mudvayne's "LD50"...)

And now that Tanya has an endorsement, I find myself spending more and more time behind the drums at our rehearsals.... "HOLD ON, Ty, I gotta nail this break right here...go have a smoke or something..."

Tanyas current set of Paiste cymbals -


Posted on November 15, 2013 .

John takes over...


Our live keyboard player HK (since 2010) has decided to take time off from the stage. For personal reasons.
Since his playground of late has been mainly at the lower end of the EQ, we found ourselves looking for a bassist.. which turned out to be something Jan has been interested in for a while (he's playing Bass guitar in "Who Framed Roger Moore?"). So he picked up the Bass for us and turned out we need a new guitarist... and we didn't have to look far since John was ready and more than willing to take to the stage again!
John has previously been doing guest vocals for us on some shows since 2010 and it's great to have him on as a full-time member!

Posted on September 2, 2013 .