After releasing 3 experimental solo albums, 
Estonian industrial artist Ott Evestus put together a live band under the name EVESTUS in 2010
and has since been delivering powerful shows and over-the-top music videos
as a new generation industrial rock band to watch out for!

In 2016 EVESTUS started working on their 4th LP "All Goes Black" with producer Ade Fenton (Gary Numan)
and toured with
Ministry in Russia and Youth Code in UK.

The current line-up consists of founding members Ott Evestus on vocals, and Tanya on drums plus a brand new addition since 2016, Simo on guitars. Other guests appear on stage depending on shows.

Evestus as Official support for Ministry in Russia 2016

Evestus as Official support for Ministry in Russia 2016

“Evestus is a tenacious, brazened and talented composer. You will be dazzled by his originality, overwhelmed by his mystery, and mesmerized by his musical diversity”  (Cyrus Rhodes,

Evestus' often distorted vocals are accompanied by massive bass-lines and broken beats tied together with grinding synths, sizzling guitars and orchestrated backdrops making an electro-industrial rock band that has been noted for it's aggressive and theatrical live performances and unique approach toward songwriting, "bringing to the table a lot of musical variety and a lot of unpredictability" (Cyrus Rhodes, Evestus straddles a wide range of genres, "creating music that is as aggressive as it is accessible, full of
malevolence as well as melody"
(Re:Gen Mag).

MTV Baltics perhaps said it best, describing Evestus' sound as
"Symphonic Orchestra scoring a fight between Marilyn Manson and The Prodigy."

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Ott Evestus

All artwork by:
Grete "Stitch" Laus


We're a mother-f*n rock band!

Currently a four-piece, Evestus is working on new material for 2014 release, the band is also promoting their last EP, “No God” (Dec 21, 2012), that recently spawned its Third Music Video
Sleep Forever (released Oct 2012) and “Voices” (Nov 2012) have been well received and both reached #1 in TOP7 in Estonian National TV weekly music video chart (“Sleep Forever” voted #10 in TOP50 Estonian Music Videos of 2012, "Voices" reached #4 in TOP50 2013),
Their most recent music video "The Fall" (Dec 18. 2013) will hopefully hit #1 at TOP50 2014 :D

"I've been on this road for almost ten years and I have never been more determined than right now! We are ready for the world and the world is ready for us! So watch out!"
-Ott Evestus

Evestus LIVE (2013)

“Evestus shows are legendary, not only because of the value of additional musicians, but especially thanks to the dedication and honesty he tackles the stage with just as if it were his last show” (

Current Live line-up:

Evestus - Vocals
Simo - Guitar
Tanya - Drums
HK - Bass/Keyboards

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-Press Clippings-

"Hands up everyone who thought that the saviour of Industrial music would come from Estonia."

"Evestus is a tenacious, brazened and talented composer. You will be dazzled by his originality, overwhelmed by his mystery, and mesmerized by his musical diversity"
(Cyrus Rhodes,

"As long as any given music fan can enjoy hip-hop, industrial, rock and goth sprinkled liberally in the mix, they'll love this super catchy cocktail of musical styles" (

"If you're looking for something new and daring, do check this band out"

"Familiar with Estonia's most notorious industrial metal act? You should be.Evestus is a band that you can appreciate on many levels."

"..producing something fully modern and genuinely experimental - is something I can truly appreciate and enjoy"

"If you want to make an impact in today's music world, you need to stand out, and Evestus knows exactly how to do that."
(EGL Magazine)

"All the requisite Gothic elements are present, but Evestus demonstrates a keen ear for melody which he incorporates to complement the harder edged attack."(

"The arrangements of symphonic compositions with electrified industrial rock make for an aggressive combination of melodic accessibility and scathing noise."
(Re:Gen Mag)