What to expect from Evestus in 2015

I think it's about time for an update.

I've been working on a new Evestus album since 2013 and by now, I have finished about three albums worth of material. I have made a selection for the upcoming record and these songs are the absolute heaviest tracks I've written.

Posted on April 8, 2015 .

Thoughts on music..

I am writing this on a ship, on my way to Helsinki, Finland. We're playing at Letkurock Festival tonight. Headlining the main stage is us and Frantic Amber from Sweden. Never seen them live.. Also playing tonight are Finnish bands V for Violence and Black Light discipline. We played with V before.. A few years ago. Wonder how they sound tonight..

it's our fourth festival this year. First one in Finland. Which is strange since Finland is really heavy on rock festivals each summer. But it's a start. We'll get there. For us, four festivals is already a big step ahead. And we've had really great responses from all of our shows so far. But even more pleasing to me is seeing how the shows really pull the live band together! You can have all the rehearsals you can fit in ten years but you're still not ready for a live show. You only get that stage experience and connection on an actual stage.. I love it, because during a live gig, your each move matters! You can't play half-assed.. You can't do anything half-assed or you kill the song! Everything matters and you get no second chance. So that is where the band is giving their most and I feel at home. I can really go into my songs and live them through. In a rehearsal room.. I can't. There is always a distance between me and the music, because noone is in the moment.. It's all about technique and.. Who plays what and how and where.. There is no adrenaline and no emotion... No fear. No fear of failure.

And the songs at the rehearsals,
they are dead.

Like wax statues. Lifelike, but without a soul. And we are dressing them up and making them look all pretty...That's just how it is. But on stage.. They come to life.

On a record though.. They are not dead. They are like beautiful photos, carefully edited and retouched to the last little detail to please the eyes.. well.. ears, of the listener. And they can have a clear look and feel and message. And they can have a hidden message.. And they can have a dialogue with you.. They can ask the right questions.. Or answer them.

On the record, they are God. They are the best they can be and ever achieve to be. And they have as many faces as there are people who listen to them.

That's why I don't try to appeal to anyone when I write music. Anyone but myself..

and I have wandered off that path a few times..

only to realize how wrong it is and how terribly unfair it can be to the music itself.

Never again.



Posted on August 28, 2014 .

There is no "No God".. yet

To whomever this may concern.

I was planning to release the "No God" video and single a few weeks ago. Well, that didn't happen. And I just realised that while everything makes perfect sense to me, most, if not all of you, are totally clueless and probably a bit confused about the situation. 

Let me fill you in on it. I owe you that. 

So.. pretty much a month back, Grete (video director) and I had pretty much most of the video complete and I had just released the "No God" single and video teaser. We were trying to come up with a suitable release date in June and making preparations for a small release party, when Grete's iMac decided it had had enough of her diabolic graphics and it will take no more.

It shot itself in the face.

Thanks to Apple being such an amazing and special and super-secret magical operation where each computer is carefully crafted by albino gnome-fairies that dwell in a unicorns... (I kept going with this thought until I became scared of myself.. I'll spare you guys and skip it) well.. you get the picture. Anyway - we ended up waiting ten days for Apple to diagnose that the iMac had in fact shot itself in the face and that the face was THUS in fact out of order and needed IN FACT to be replaced... and then we waited some more for them to send the iMac a new face (LCD panel) and pay half the machines price for the whole CONVENIENCE...

Well. After all that, Grete was pretty close to following the lead of her iMac, since we had already passed the possible release dates and the video was still unfinished. I decided that I'd rather have the video look perfect than release it prematurely just to have it out earlier. No compromise. I mean - if it's not what we want it to be - then it's not Evestus. Better release it late than half-assed. 

And then there is Alt-Fest and networking around Europe to get this band on the road and preparing for summer Festivals and still mixing the new material for autumn release..

So we are taking it real easy with the video - but it's starting to look the way it should.

In a way it all makes sense (doesn't it..) the whole "No God" period was the most difficult and challenging time for me and feels like it doesn't want to let me go, but I want to get the fuck out of that hole once and for good! 

The good news is, that the "No God" digital single has turned into a 9 track release - with only half of the tracks being remixes! It's going to be one of those "Because fuck you that's why" releases. And you'll either love it or hate it. But that's Evestus. Always has been. Fucking random, overdue and not quite what you expected. I honestly didn't think that I could keep that up - I thought after the "No God" EP that I had done everything and all that follows will be more of the same..

but I guess I just needed some time and a reason.

Thank you for sticking with us!



Posted on July 3, 2014 .

Evestus on The Promo Bay

Yesterday, The Pirate Bay chose to feature our music video "The Fall" on their main page as part of their "Promo Bay" campaign!

This feature created over 40K of unique views to our video and started some very heated discussions on the comment section there - seriously, we've got almost as much dislikes as likes - a clear sign that we're doing something right, because the worst reaction would be no reaction! 

Some of the best picks so far - 

"da fuck this creepy shit"
wtf this wierd as fuck"
"always imagined the devil would be in better shape......."



Join the conversation now at 

HUGE thanks to the folks at TPB who decided to support our efforts in giving this video the kind of exposure we as a band could never afford to pay for! 

And also big thanks to everybody giving their two cents in the comment section for the video! In todays world, every single mouseclick motivated by your creation is a huge deal to get!

Posted on June 16, 2014 .

"The Fall" #1 on ETV Top7 Music Video Chart!

And not only that - the music video has held the #1 position for FIVE WEEKS now, since entering the chart six weeks ago!

Talking about music videos - we're editing the final bits for our next video "No God", that will wrap up the "No God" era along with a digital single!

More of that very soon!

I think you can take it down a notch with the voting - it must be getting real tedious by now - you can support us by sharing our videos in your social networks and we'll keep working on bringing you more music and more videos as fast as we can without compromising quality!

Thank You All for your support - you keep me going!


Posted on May 23, 2014 .

Evestus at Hard Rock Laager 2014

Evestus hard rock laager 2014

Hello my lovely readers of bandblogs!

I am proud to announce that we will be starting our Festival season with Hard Rock Laager in Estonia! It's going to be sick this year with Behemoth and Phil Anselmo headlining and live appearances by Estonian legends such as Metsatöll and Winny Puhh - seriously, if you live in Estonia and are into the heavy stuff - you are going to want to be there!

Check out the rest of the confirmed line-up at HRL event page on FB or visit their official homepage at www.hardrocklaager.ee

We have also been confirmed to play at KLANG festival in Latvia (July 25th) and Letkurock in Finland (August 9th) so the HRL show is not your only option to see us this summer!

Alright - you got the scoop, I'm back to working on our next music video - stay tuned ;)

Posted on May 21, 2014 .