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Dear internet... was a pretty good day! Had a rehearsal with the band and an emotional breakdown..."

You know - there was a time people wrote their thoughts into their diaries. And they were honest. And they we're a little bit ashamed.. but honest. At least to themselves. And they could wear a mask for others, but they had a moment in their day when they could take it off and take a look at themselves and their lives.. and the world around them..


Not anymore. Now they talk to the internet. 

Everyone knows. Noone cares.

That's what happens when the supply exceeds the demand. 

And people are fucked. People are becoming seriously disturbed. Because their deepest, darkest, most personal hopes, dreams and fears get a lonely "like" from someone who just happens to be on their daily attention hunt, liking every post on their feed in faith of "give and thou shall receive"..

When you wrote into your diary.. you KNEW that noone would see it. Except for a very few, very carefully selected persons... ironically enough, usually the only ones who weren't really surprised by anything you'd written there.. But that's because they really understood. And they really cared.

And even if you never showed any of it to ANYONE... you still felt.. you felt like it's yours. If it's the only goddamn thing in this world - this is it! And it was. And it had a meaning.


Now - you post your shit online - everyone sees it, so it's not yours anymore. And noone cares, so you've just given it away for nothing. The only thing you possess. Your thoughts. Your fucking soul. Congratulations.


And you know what? I'm just going to leave you with that. Make of it whatever you will. Just.. I don't know... think about it.

Whatever you show this world.. whatever you want from it.. who you are.. don't give it all away. Leave just a little bit of yourself.. to yourself.

Even if you're in it for the attention - people are far more interested in what they don't know about you.

Posted on February 9, 2014 .