EVESTUS - by - Grete Stitch Laus

Like a twisted lovechild of Trent Reznor and Al Jourgensen, producer and frontman OTT EVESTUS’  blending of bouncing rock sound with future-noir synths and distorted vocals hits you like a bag of bricks.

Intense, emotional and engaging, Evestus takes the stage like every show was his last one.

2016 and 2017 were heavy on concerts as EVESTUS toured with MINISTRY in Russia and YOUTH CODE in UK, had co-headlining tours in Scandinavia and Europe.  2018 upcoming shows are already confirmed with HOCICO, Author & Punisher, etc. 

2018 EVESTUS is currently working on their new album with producer ADE FENTON, best known for his work on GARY NUMAN albums “Splinter”,“Savage”, etc.  Also in the works are two new music videos that will be released this year. With 7 official music videos, loud, shocking and grungy visuals always play an important role.

With their song «Welcome To My World», EVESTUS was one of the 10 finalists in the Estonian Eurovision Pre-Contest, Eesti Laul, in 2018. Also the shock-rocker Ott Evestus was chosen to be the spokesperson for Estonia on Eurovision, making quite the waves announcing Estonian votes at the worlds biggest music event to over 200 million people on Live TV

Evestus is touring as a 4-piece with Ott Evestus (Vocals), HK (Keys), Simo (Guitar) and Siim (Drums)  - DOWNLOAD Technical Rider here


  • NIN
  • 3TEETH
  • Ministry
  • Marilyn Manson 
  • Rob Zombie
  • The Prodigy
  • Rammstein


  • 420 000+  views on YouTube
  • 35 000+    streams on Spotify
  • 4400+       page Likes on Facebook
  • 2700+       followers on Instagram
  • 90+           live shows given