RELEASE DATE : 01.10.2019

Artwork by Grete Stitch Laus @

Artwork by Grete Stitch Laus @

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In their new video, for the moving instrumental Heartbeat, Evestus channels the darkest dystopian epics only to reveal what our reality has truly evolved into, a broken world for broken people.

While strong imagery was never a stranger in the band’s previous videos, fans maybe surprised watching the reel lacking the usual heavy editing and theatrics, so that the viewer can be completely engulfed by the immense issue at hand. Instead, the world transforms into the set and the actors all of us. Like rolling credits, the montage of news clippings and documentaries lists all of our contributions to the greatest production in human history.

The visuals show, without prejudice, the destruction of our environment, mass consumption, effects of throw-away fashion. Greed, violence and desire inducing mass psychosis.The song stands as a perfect backdrop to the footage, starting off with a beating heart, followed by a simple piano and cello piece which is eventually smashed to bits by heavy drums and an industrial tidal wave that eventually collapses into itself.

Evestus unveils our addiction to distractions coded within us through millions of years of evolution as a coping mechanism to deal with our budding sense of self.Like a coin tossed, the quick cuts between the rich and the poor, the sides become indistinguishable. Selfies taken on a cell phone while driving in fancy clothes and the landfills where it all ends up eventually. Rich teens literally throwing money out the window and kids born in the dirt, all part of a generation who will have to deal with the mess. All part of who we are now and where we are condemned to live.

The video is an observation and a gentle reminder that we are still apes hunched over the typewriter, frantically whacking at the keys, writing the script, playing the parts, while ultimately it is our choice when we finally decide to type the fateful words: FADE OUT.

DIGITAL SINGLE includes the instrumental song “Heartbeat# as well as two instrumentals of previously released songs “Everything in Here” and “Mad World”. Available on Evestus bandcamp and all popular streaming services.

Music by Ott Evestus
Mixing by Michael Patterson
Live drums by Marko Atso
Recorded at Roundsound Studio by Keijo Koppel
Artwork and video by Grete Stitch Laus
Produced by Ott Evestus

The song HEARTBEAT is taken from ALL GOES BLACK,the bands second full length album, to be releasedin February 2020 under London based label Syndicol Music.Ott Evestus’ dynamic songwriting is complemented by producers Ade Fenton (GaryNuman) and Michael Patterson (Limp Bizkit, Puscifer, Nine Inch Nails)in order to create a timeless alternative rock record. Since thebeginning, the band put strong emphasis on the visual representationof their music, which has not changed; indicated by the four videospublished off of the new album already, and two more to follow.


Evestus is touring as a 4-piece with Ott Evestus (Vocals), HK (Keys), Simo (Guitar) and Siim (Drums)  - DOWNLOAD Technical Rider here

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Like a twisted lovechild of Trent Reznor and Al Jourgensen, producer and frontman OTT EVESTUS’  blending of bouncing rock sound with future-noir synths and distorted vocals hits you like a bag of bricks.

Intense, emotional and engaging, Evestus takes the stage like every show was his last one.

Having toured with the likes of MINISTRY, YOUTH CODE and HOCICO, aside from numerous headlining tours, EVESTUS has already reached the fans of industrial music in Europe, Russia and UK.

With their song «Welcome To My World», EVESTUS was one of the 10 finalists in the Estonian Eurovision Pre-Contest, Eesti Laul, in 2018. Also the shock-rocker Ott Evestus was chosen to be the spokesperson for Estonia on Eurovision, making quite the waves announcing Estonian votes at the worlds biggest music event to over 200 million people on Live TV.

In 2019 Evestus signed with UK label Syndicol Music, released a furious surprise EP titled “Post 18 Depression”, had an opening track on the legendary <PiG> remix album “Stripped and Whipped”, just released a music video for their Tears for Fears cover “Mad World” and are currently working on their next album with producer ADE FENTON, best known for his work on GARY NUMAN albums “Splinter”,“Savage”, etc. The new album “All Goes Black” is due to be released in spring 2020.