The "Tanya's Lips" sticks!

Here's one for the collectors!

Tanya and Evestus have made a deal with CsibiSticks that results in personalized "Tanya's Lips" sticks that should make all you stick collectors drool!

Only one pair will be shared after each Evestus gig and if they run out, a new series with a new design will be printed in limited quantity!

The first series has a Csibisticks logo, Evestus logo (with "2013" underneath), Tanya's Lips, "TANYA" and an opaque TNS kitty with a tiny "v 1.0" print underneath.

We will create a special "collectibles" corner on our homepage in the near future, where we try to put up all info ("pcs made" etc.) on all Evestus collectables, such as merch, physical albums etc. so you can all keep track on what you have and what the rarity level of your items actually is!


Posted on December 27, 2013 .