"Voices" video lands at #4 on Estonian Top 50 M/V-s of 2013

Our music video "Voices" Lands at #4 on this years Top 50 music videos!
(you can see the 2013 Top 50 line-up right here)

Directed by Grete "Stitch" Laus and featuring members of the band as well as a few guest appearances by The New Scum and an honorary feature by Anders aka DJ 4Got10 of Forgotten Sunrise (reading an illustrated bible on the video thumb right here!)

Last year "Sleep Forever" took #10 at the Top 50 so we're slowly but steadily on our way to the top! :)
We want to thank all our supporters for making this happen! It's perhaps a small victory on the grand scale of things, but it's OUR victory! All of ours! Music business today is a constant fight for attention and exposure and every little bit ensures our ability to keep on making great music and presents new opportunities to play to you guys wherever you are!

(PS. On the video thumbnail, as featuring in the video itself, is Anders Melts aka Kuratino aka DJ 4Got10 aka the man behind and in front of legendary Estonian industrial/deathbeat project "Forgotten Sunrise"... reading "the Illustrated Bible"...)

Posted on January 5, 2014 .