Why I don't post to social media a lot..

I spent two weeks in Solitude this September. Alone, cut off from the society and the internet. I tried to post one picture per day through Instagram, but after a week, it was really difficult to convince myself why that would matter. Because I really don't get the "high" of posting moments of my life to the public who is already suffocating under a flood of pictures from everyone else's lives.. 

The funny thing is, it started out as posting interesting or amazing stuff that actually happened. Or posting stuff that actually inspired you and you really wanted to share with others. And others used to be people you know. 

But now it's all fucked up. 

People are not posting stuff that describes them as who they are, but stuff that describes them as they want others to see them. You can see it even in little things. Like vacation pictures where people just want to be seen as relaxing at a beach like sexy superstars instead of spending quality time with their grandparents who actually paid for the trip.. or these guys in ragged sportswear posing next to a Lambo and putting that up as their profile picture.. Just mention you saw a kickass ride on the street and you hope to one day sell your wife and kids to get it and THEN you'll be drownin' in bitches like Charlie Sheen! .. well, at least that would let the world know that you own a sense of humor, even if you don't own a car.

But you know why it's never going to happen? Because it works. Because we are actually in a point where noone has the time or patience to dig deep. And if you're profile pic has a Lambo on it - bitches be thinking you MIGHT actually own one! Or at least have a FRIEND that owns one... and they'll add your sorry ass to their friends list just to be on the safe side. Why does a Lambo do that? Because a Lambo is what men have instead of tits. Pretty much. A Lambo is nothing more than a massive dick. And with just a little pun intended, the biggest dick DOES get the most pussy. That's how primitive we actually are. Don't agree with me?
Billions of years of evolution and what are we doing? Twerking.

Which leads to the next interesting thing..

- remember I mentioned people used to take pictures of what really happened? Now people are working really hard to take pictures that look like something exciting happened in their lives. So much so that they actually lose awareness of what's actually going on around them! To the point where posting stuff on social media becomes a facade that has nothing to do with their real life, because after spending all the energy getting those 5-10 perfect pictures for today, they just want to relax and do something they really love and they don't even think about sharing that to the world.. because, you know, that was work!  Come to think of it.. these people might actually be the healthy ones..

So to pull all this together,

Why I don't post a lot of shit on social media is because

1) I have a hard enough time trying to keep my life together without the extra stress over "which selfie to post from the last 300 I just took of myself because it's almost an HOUR since my last post and people might think I DIED or something.."

2) Because I don't own a pet.

3) Because I want it to be about something that actually means something to me. Not just something that might be interesting to as much people as possible.

I used to hate social media. Even more than society in real life.. now.. I see that it's pretty much what you make of it. The more people share online, the less we actually know about them, because the less of it tells anything real about them. And to be honest.. we don't even really care.. think about all the people who's posts you've hidden from showing on your FB feed.

I used to think it would be cool to be able to read people's minds.. well, with social media we have that. And It's quite a disappointment...

I'll end with a quote from a guy who quit Facebook

"“why do we use Facebook in the first place?” The answer to which, that we are essentially narcissistic and want to be the center of attention, is a glaring commentary on being human in today’s world. "

Posted on October 25, 2014 .