Evestus Remixes Lovelorn Dolls

That is correct!

Evestus has remixed another Alfa Matrix artist Lovelorn Dolls . The remix of "The Thrill" is exclusive to their new album "Japanese Robot Invasion" 2CD Limited Edition Box!

"I haven't done a lot of remixes, considering I am an industrial artist.. i guess it's because I'm not good with boundaries. But my attitude has shifted recently and I am much more open to collaborating with other artists. This mix "The Thrill" was a real challenge because I didn't really find the hook in the song that would work for me, so I had to build pretty much all of the music from scratch. I think the female vocals drove me towards giving it a more dancy(?) and naive feel. The biggest challenge with remixing someone's song for me is to keep the result from spreading all over the place.. keeping a structure that still resembles a "song" in it's classical sense." -Evestus

You can buy this release from the Alfa Matrix page here .

In case you've missed it, here's a remix Evestus did for another Alfa Matrix act Freakangel :

And a remix from 2012 for Wes Borland's band Black Light Burns :

Posted on November 7, 2014 .