Released 29 April 2010
Evestus - Composing, producing, songwriting, programming and vocals.
Ago "Sethh" Teppand - additional guitars
Jan Talts - additional guitars
Ricardo Guerilha - additional guitars ("So In Love")
Pärt Tarvas - Cellos
Georg "DzDz" Gurjev - additional piano ("So In Love")
All artwork by Grete "Stitch" Laus @ KillingCulture.com

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"This Is Dramacore" is the third album from Evestus,
The heavy and thick compositions of the songs on TIDC took over 9 months to mix. Some of the songs had over 60 tracks of instruments. The aim was to create something that you can listen over and over again and still find a whole new story hidden beneath the layers of sounds.

The album received a ton of praise from reviews all over the globe and marks the beginning of Evestus as a performing band.

Physical issues pressed - 600pcs

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600 copies Limited Edition pressed CD.

Jewel box in sleeve



Head from Korn suggests!

Complete with cardboard sleeve and a 28 page booklet plus extra intros/outros on the songs that are NOT included on digital versions.

Limited to 600 copies, only available via Evestus Bandcamp page or live shows.


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Dramacore progress diary by Evestus (starting from January 2009)

Currently I finished recording about half of the album worth of cellos! Oh.. they sound so right!

By the way… there will be new versions of the songs “Sacrifice” and “Enemy” on the album ;)
Just to keep things interesting and fresh! So much have things evolved since these songs were released.

So far we’re pretty close to where we’re going with
You’re not good enough to be my Enemy“,
Demons of Fame“,
Nothing” and
Songs such as
Pikachu Warriors“,
All the Kings Drugs” and
So In Love
are pretty close by aswell… more work has to be done with
Smile” and
as well as two more songs that remain untitled right now…. Not sure if all these songs will make it to the album.. but they’re all great and sound better and better with each day!

Recorded cellos for “Censored” (one of the previously untitled tracks) yesterday and “Gone” the day before. By Monday I should have cellos recorded for the whole album and can move on to finishing the guitars… meanwhile putting together a show for “Tallinn Music Week 2009″, thinking of doing something a little different this time…

Well-well-well – March is here and the Cellos are all recorded as planned! And a good thing too since my cellists are going to US tour for a month with “Estonian National Symphonic Orchestra”.
…a lot of thought has Gone into the next Evestus video lately…

Good things come to those who (fight) wait!
At this point, 10 tracks are fully recorded, cleaned, double-checked and on their way to mixing. 2 tracks still need some tweaking and two are under consideration, because the album is pretty lengthy as it is already.. Will start work on the album cover next month.

Goddamn this has been a looong fucking year so far! At times I feel like I’m begining to understand why it took nine years for Axl Rose to release the latest GunsN’Roses album. If you’ve been listening to these songs over and over for three years.. fixing this and that.. recording cellos, guitars, drums, vocals.. then re-recording them.. and re-fucking-recording them cuz they STILL don’t sound right.. at some point you don’t even know what’s right anymore.. the lines get so blurred.. the whole album is this one big fucking shipwreck and you’re running from one end to the other, fixing this and that and mixing and matching.. and once something looks just right you take a step back and realize that it STILL DOESN’T FIT into the big picture… Well.. The picture is getting clearer. All the pieces are on the table and the links are clear. It’s a fucking dark record. It’s going to give you a hard on and make you cry at the same time. It’s going to change you.

Took 12 tracks over to mixing today. So this material is finally out of my hands. I got an estimate that the mixing will be finished by the end of July, but you never know these things. Mastering will only take a few days so I’m not worried about that at all. Feels really fucking strange giving it all away like that. After years of tweaking it. I’m like.. what am I gonna do now? Read a book? Haha! Fuck it! I WILL read a book! Read it until it hurts!
Stay cool everybody – Dramacore is fucking coming and that’s as real as anything you believe in!

After a long period of checking, re-checking and tweaking of all the recorded material at several studios, we have finally got to the point where we’re actually mixing the tracks together! “Gone” had it’s first rough mix done for the ETV performance (airing on September 19th if I’m correct..) and All The Kings Drugs is sounding darker and darker every day. The next single (and video) is going to be “Conveniently Confused”.

A new track “Conveniently Confused” will be on the CD of the October issue of Terrorizer magazine!
The TV show featuring Evestus with “Gone” will air this sunday (13th of September) on ETV. I believe it was at 10 am… for all of you who don’t live in Estonia or don’t own a TV (hey – it’s like having a landline phone these days..) I will put the video up here in a few days! For copyright issues, I can’t put it up on Youtube. All in all, the mixing is going slowly but steadily. My lack of presence here lately is caused by the amount of work that needs to be done with the new album. Stay tuned!

As you can read below, Stitch is actively working on the album artwork! The mixing is going slowly, but will probably be finished by the end of the month.

Look out for this magazine for it comes with a CD that includes “Conveniently Confused” – a track you haven’t heard yet! This disc will probably become a valuable “Evestus” rarity in the future ;)

Here we go… almost half of the artwork is done and 80% of the music has been mixed. I don’t know the dates when the material will be finished therefor I can’t shout out a release date, but I can tell you it’s fucking close! I don’t give a fuck about promotional shit like release parties etc. – I just want to finish it and throw it out there for all of you! But not until it’s good… not until it’s perfect…

The fog is clearing up revealing the face of Dramacore…

It is with great distress that I must tell you this.

“This is Dramacore” will not be released this year.

It is as big of a disappointment to me as it is to all of you, but it is tied to reasons I don’t have control over. So far the album is 90% mixed but the mastering will probably not happen in this years number. The artwork for the album is somewhere along 60 – 75% of being complete. The whole new Evestus.net is in the making and will be launched 01.01.10 . It will gather all Evestus and TNS related networks together into one to make it easier for all of us to stay connected and informed at all times! With the album coming out there are developments in Evestus live set-up aswell and I’m aiming to take Evestus back on stage and bigger than ever by February.

At this point everything is really close to being in the box, but I will not shout out a release date just yet. I just want to make sure that when the time comes, I can give you a date that you can count on. In February 2010 it will officially be exactly four years since the birth of the idea that led to Dramacore. Will it be the birth of “Dramacore”….

I just gave an interview to Devolution Magazine for their February issue (#24) about the new album. A complimentary track from the new album will be on their covermount cd as well.
The mixing has taken so much more time and dedication than I planned.. but right now there are three songs that need just a little more tweaking and the album is off to mastering. I’m terrified of this album.